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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Detox with Radishes

Recharge and reset your body with the proper nourishing foods and herbs to support its natural detoxification process.

Try incorporating as many of these cleansing foods and herbs as possible into your diet for 1-2 weeks - aiming for the recommended serving size each time. You should start feeling cleaner in five days! The more foods you eat, the better the results. Take a look what happen if you use radishes for detox.

Radishes in particular, having such a deep red-purple color, have many nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that aren't found in other places.

Radishes are one of the few edible roots in the world, but was actually first farmed actively in Europe before 0 AD. Now they are grown and farmed all throughout the world.

Similar to other bitters, radishes help increase the flow of bile, helping to maintain a healthy gallbladder and liver and improve the digestive process. It’s why you see “Daikon radish served pickled with a Japanese meal -- it’s to cleanse the pallet and aid in the digestion of the meal,” says Katherine Matutina, certified natural foods chef and massage therapist based in Los Angeles, Calif. Add half a cup of thinly sliced radishes to your favorite salad greens for an added crunch or dip them in hummus as a healthy snack.