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Sunday, February 04, 2018

How the humble T-shirt became a fashion statement

The history and cultural influence of the wardrobe basic is being celebrated in a new exhibition

It’s the brash upstart of the fashion world, often ignored and seldom taken seriously. But the T-shirt will finally get its place in the spotlight this week at an exhibition celebrating its history and cultural influence.
T-shirt: Cult, Culture, Subversion, which opens at the Fashion and Textile Museum in Bermondsey, south London, on, will look at the garment’s evolution from practical tunic in medieval times to a medium for political and social messaging in the 20th and 21st centuries.

“The T-shirt has taken on a role as a signifier, a statement of intent for the wearer,” says curator Dennis Nothdruft. “It has developed an amazing power to communicate and to create a dialogue between the wearer and the world.”

The exhibition’s 12 sections, on topics including ethics and ecology, merchandise and advertising, include a gallery looking at why the gender-neutral T-shirt is one of the only truly democratic fashion items. More than 200 items will be on display, with examples ranging from a 500AD relic to Christian Dior’s “We Should All Be Feminists” T-shirt, seen on the Paris catwalk in 2017.

“The very ubiquity of the T-shirt, its utter basicness, has allowed it to remain a wardrobe stable,” says Nothdruft, who worked on the project in collaboration with the Civic arts hub in Barnsley, where it will relocate after its run in the capital ends on 6 May. A major part of the exhibition will look at how designers have adopted the item as “a means to broadcast social, musical, and political affiliations”.

Among the fashion designers represented are Britain’s Henry Holland – famous for slogans such as “Single Use Plastic Is Never Fantastic” – and Vivienne Westwood, who, according to Nothdruft, “challenged not only what the T-shirt could say but how the T-shirt itself could be constructed”.

One of the most famous advocates of the T-shirt, Katharine Hamnett – who wore one emblazoned with a nuclear missile protest message to meet then prime minister Margaret Thatcher in 1984, and whose “Choose Life” T-shirt was worn by Wham!’s George Michael in the music video for Wake Me Up Before You Go Go – is also a major attraction, along with American street artist Keith Haring.

“Katharine Hamnett’s work, beginning with her ‘Choose Life’ T-shirt in the 1980s, is very strong,” says Nothdruft, “and she continues to produce relevant and provocative T-shirts. A piece that is particularly resonant for me is Haring’s ‘Ignorance=Fear. Silence=Death’ design for Aids awareness campaign Act Up, produced in 1989.

“It shows how far we’ve come and how easy it is to become complacent.”

Thursday, January 25, 2018

4 Bollywood Celebs Who Looked Like Royalty At Their BFF’s Weddings

Unless you're already married, your best friend's wedding is the closest you'll come to your own... well, till your own wedding. So, it's not surprising that you would go all out to make your bestie's big day spectacular in every way possible. This also includes you looking second only to the bride and groom in outfit and excitement, and there's nothing wrong with that. You'll be happy to know that it's not just us who feel like this, Bollywood celebrities do too and we've seen it recently!

Alia Bhatt
Currently attending the wedding of her childhood best friend Kripa Mehta in Jodhpur, Alia has been looking like a dream. From her gorgeous outfits and make-up, to stealing the groom's shoes, and even shedding a tear during the festivities, Alia has been taking her bridesmaid duties pretty seriously.

Deepika Padukone

couple of months ago, in November, Deepika Padukone made heads turn when she attended the wedding of her bachpan ka dost Aditya Narayan looking like a queen. Her South Indian avatar, along with a hint of her character in Padmaavat, had all eyes on her

Mouni Roy
Just last month, TV actress Aashka Goradia tied the knot with her American boyfriend, Brent Goble in a lavish celebration in Ahmedabad. One of the bridesmaids, the beautiful Mouni, obviously went all out for the wedding, whether it was her outfits or her dance performance at the sangeet

Vidya Malavade

One of the few people at Sagarika and Zaheer's actual court wedding, and who luckily documented all of the wedding festivities, Vidya looked like a princess herself at each of the ceremonies. It was her sister-from-another-mister's shaadi after all, and a lot of their other Chak De! India cast mates also showed up!

Sunday, September 06, 2015

Fashion with Manners....

t is a common word used in this era... Many think, that it is just wearing fancy clothes to impress
Men; but no! It isn't. It is about glamour, style, attitude, desire
Women enter an alter ego when they hear this word… Fashion will be present in the past,
The present and the future. But if not handled with respect, dignity, and the most important manners… one could flinch himself in the depths of over self –respectness and crude.

hen teens participate in etiquette lessons, they learn the difference between personal style and dressing appropriately as a way to show respect. Girls learn about the best outfits to wear for different occasions, like for a date, dinner out with the family or a job interview. The teachers may also review makeup and hair styling tips, the best ways to carry a purse and how to accessorize.

ne of the most important aspects of being a teenage girl is the feeling that she fits in, dresses well, looks right and is part of her peer group. For lots of girls this can be a tricky time if they lack confidence and don’t yet feel comfortable in their own skin, as so many teenage girls don’t. Instead of focusing on themselves and where to make improvements, girls look to the people around them for inspiration, acceptance and direction in how to dress. Most high street fashion, particularly teenage fashion, is designed for ultra slim, waif like bodies.

hen someone looks good in their clothes it’s because they enjoy wearing them and appear comfortable, relaxed and confident. It’s very important for teenage girls to feel comfortable in and to like their clothes so she needs to wear clothes that fit well and are the right cut for her body shape. The way to do this is to create a balanced silhouette.

hen it comes to clothes, at the top of nearly every teenage girl‘s list is her desire to dress like her friends. But if the cuts, styles and colors favored by her peer group are wrong for her body shape, causing her lack of confidence to sky-rocket, what do you do?

Saturday, April 26, 2014


Choose the right facial and skin treatments: It is time to make those salon appointments as your wedding day is getting closer. Start treatments for your face at least three months before your big day. While there are plenty of skin treatments and facials to choose from, it is advisable to go with something that suits your skin. Get your skin analyzed by a senior beauty specialist and choose your bridal package accordingly. Go for regular massages: You are bound to be stressed during the process of your wedding. So, it is important to go for regular massages and body spas. It not just rejuvenates your body, but also tightens your skin. Hair spa and haircuts: Trim your hair regularly. In case you are thinking of getting a hair cut, you must do that at least three months before your wedding. Also, go for regular hair spas to keep your hair strong and healthy. If you have dry or oily hair, get a hair treatment customized by your hair specialist. Get manicure/ pedicure: It is important to keep your nails clean after your engagement. Friends and relatives will keep asking you to flash your ring, and it might get embarrassing if you have a chipped nail. So, keep your nails sparkling and get manicure and pedicure done regularly. Make appointments with your dentist: You have to flash that million dollar smile a million times on your wedding day. So, opt for teeth whitening treatment before your wedding day. Go for a makeup trial: Your beautician might suggest you a makeup or hairdo off the look-book, but it is important to go for a makeup trial before the wedding. It might cost some bucks, but it is necessary to do so to avoid looking like a Christmas tree on your big day. Take your outfit, and spend some time finding out the hairdo and the look you want to sport on your wedding day.