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Friday, January 16, 2009

Eye Care : Get beautiful and attractive eyes

Eyes are organs that discover light, and send signals along the optic nerve to the visual and other areas of the brain. I think all you know the importance of such significant organ. Naturally, we must take care of it. But many times we are unable to know what exactly one can do for eyes. According to the friend circle and faulty advertisements one can have loose his/her concentration and trapped in the net of fraud advertisement resulting eye damages. To avoid such things I think following article will help you out one awkward question that how to take care of eyes?

It is the next vital part of the daily regime is proper care and protection of the eyes. Eyes are one of the most vital organs. Everyone wishes for beautiful shining, attractive eyes. The brain carries out a very complicated and intricate function in controlling the eyes. Naturally, the brain is continuously receiving and sending signals of various objects seen and this becomes a constant stress on the brain.

One of the most important and age old tradition of eye care is applying kajal (Do not think about Kajol Devgan). In today’s day and age application of Kajal is a must for optimal eye health. However, most of the kajal available in the market is only of cosmetic value used largely as a fashion or as make-up to make the eyes more attractive. Prolonged use of such kajal with synthetic and chemical additions may lead to burning or itching eyes. It is therefore not a surprise that many eye doctors are against the use of kajal for the delicate eyes of children.

The pure traditional Ayurvedic kajal is almost extinct. Applying kajal for maintaining the health of the eyes, which is at high risk with the increasing use of computers, video games, TV, is essential. The eyes being related to the fire element have the possibility of getting affected by an imbalance in the Cough or Acidity aspects.

If the cough aspect increases in the eyes due to any reason, it increases the possibilities of many eye disorders. Kajal prevents the accumulation of cough aspect in the eyes and keeping the eyes clean. It also helps to keep the eyes bright, pleasant and beautiful with optimum vision. Hence, the Ayurvedic texts emphasize the daily use of kajal.

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