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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Intensive Worship of Beauty

As a beauty matters to the skin and hair, also eyes are proves a plume in turban and prestigious issue of beauty.

Eyes are medium to express the feelings of mind emotions. It is important to make your eyes beauteous likewise one more important thing is that, your eyesight also to be look good. what to do to make it better and beauteous?

I might think that following points are very well taken care to overcome this prestigious issue. Just take a look on following tips which helps to make and keep your eyes gorgeous.

TIP : 01
Eye, a always working organ, it has get rest only when you sleep. 7-8 hours deep sleep (sweet snooze at dawn) gives rest to your eyes and again make them refresh & ready to work continuously. Hence, avoid unnecessary night outs.

TIP : 02
Continuous concentration while working on Computers or TV get stress on your eyes due to its momentary brightness. So, take a brake after each 1-2 hours and restart your regular work on Computer.

TIP : 03
To avoid weariness due to computer work spray or sprinkle little amount of water on eye. Do little finger massage clockwise direction gently on your eyes. Your eyes get freshness.

TIP : 04
Take four spoons clarified butter in your regular meal. One spoon clarified butter + half spoon HONEY + one fourth spoon TRIFALA CHURNA gives new life and better improvement to your eyes.

TIP : 05
Do light massage with cow's clarified butter on both sides of eyes, particularly at foreheads and the palm of the legs.

TIP : 06
One of the most useful technique and system of Ayurveda known as "NETRATARPAN CHIKITSA" improves your eyesight and prevent eyes from weariness. Netratarpan Chikitsa makes your eyes bright.

Here is one more small tip to all my female friends, please take this treatment under well known Ayurveda Expertise.

My dear male friends, don't worry about it, it is also applicable for you.

Let me know your experiences, I am waiting for the same with excessive impatience.
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