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Saturday, November 02, 2013

Detox with Asparagus

How to decide on the best time for a detox cleansing program? At any rate, when these signs become apparent it suggest you ought to begin right to cleanse your system of toxins. Chronic digestive disorders, unexplained aches and pains, acne or any other skin problem, calls for a detox program that works to relieve any ailments described.

The asparagus can be very good detox vegetable. It can help you detoxify you body so you can easily get rid of toxic wastes in your system. One factor behind this is the presence of potassium in the vegetable. Potassium is known to help get rid of fats that have accumulated in the belly. Another reason why it is a good detox agent is because asparagus contains a lot of fiber. With fiber, your body can easily detoxify its digestive system, thus, helping you improve your bowel movement.

The asparagus is also known to help slow down the aging process. The nutrients it contains help reduce muscle degeneration that contributes to aging. Since the asparagus is able to mitigate the rate of aging, it is ideal for someone who wants to look and stay younger than his age. It is also good news to know that the asparagus contains glutathione which carries a lot of antioxidants. With antioxidants, the vegetable can help protect your body cells from toxins that can harm and bring illnesses.

Think of this vegetable as a natural water pill, complete with dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals and free-radical fighting and liver-protecting antioxidants. “Flushing out excess water and sodium can be beneficial during a short-term cleansing regime,” says Matutina. A half cup cooked asparagus will do you good.