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Sunday, September 06, 2015

Fashion with Manners....

t is a common word used in this era... Many think, that it is just wearing fancy clothes to impress
Men; but no! It isn't. It is about glamour, style, attitude, desire
Women enter an alter ego when they hear this word… Fashion will be present in the past,
The present and the future. But if not handled with respect, dignity, and the most important manners… one could flinch himself in the depths of over self –respectness and crude.

hen teens participate in etiquette lessons, they learn the difference between personal style and dressing appropriately as a way to show respect. Girls learn about the best outfits to wear for different occasions, like for a date, dinner out with the family or a job interview. The teachers may also review makeup and hair styling tips, the best ways to carry a purse and how to accessorize.

ne of the most important aspects of being a teenage girl is the feeling that she fits in, dresses well, looks right and is part of her peer group. For lots of girls this can be a tricky time if they lack confidence and don’t yet feel comfortable in their own skin, as so many teenage girls don’t. Instead of focusing on themselves and where to make improvements, girls look to the people around them for inspiration, acceptance and direction in how to dress. Most high street fashion, particularly teenage fashion, is designed for ultra slim, waif like bodies.

hen someone looks good in their clothes it’s because they enjoy wearing them and appear comfortable, relaxed and confident. It’s very important for teenage girls to feel comfortable in and to like their clothes so she needs to wear clothes that fit well and are the right cut for her body shape. The way to do this is to create a balanced silhouette.

hen it comes to clothes, at the top of nearly every teenage girl‘s list is her desire to dress like her friends. But if the cuts, styles and colors favored by her peer group are wrong for her body shape, causing her lack of confidence to sky-rocket, what do you do?