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Saturday, April 26, 2014


Choose the right facial and skin treatments: It is time to make those salon appointments as your wedding day is getting closer. Start treatments for your face at least three months before your big day. While there are plenty of skin treatments and facials to choose from, it is advisable to go with something that suits your skin. Get your skin analyzed by a senior beauty specialist and choose your bridal package accordingly. Go for regular massages: You are bound to be stressed during the process of your wedding. So, it is important to go for regular massages and body spas. It not just rejuvenates your body, but also tightens your skin. Hair spa and haircuts: Trim your hair regularly. In case you are thinking of getting a hair cut, you must do that at least three months before your wedding. Also, go for regular hair spas to keep your hair strong and healthy. If you have dry or oily hair, get a hair treatment customized by your hair specialist. Get manicure/ pedicure: It is important to keep your nails clean after your engagement. Friends and relatives will keep asking you to flash your ring, and it might get embarrassing if you have a chipped nail. So, keep your nails sparkling and get manicure and pedicure done regularly. Make appointments with your dentist: You have to flash that million dollar smile a million times on your wedding day. So, opt for teeth whitening treatment before your wedding day. Go for a makeup trial: Your beautician might suggest you a makeup or hairdo off the look-book, but it is important to go for a makeup trial before the wedding. It might cost some bucks, but it is necessary to do so to avoid looking like a Christmas tree on your big day. Take your outfit, and spend some time finding out the hairdo and the look you want to sport on your wedding day.