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Friday, February 11, 2011

Classic Games for Women : Just Stay Tuned

Yeah! A game plays a vital role in everyone’s life. If you like to play classic arcade games you might think that video games are a guy thing. Well, you would be wrong about that. There is a whole new crop of games out there called Casual Games (or casual gaming) that women love. In fact, these games were designed for girls. Despite the bromides that might come to mind, the games are not all about shopping, make-up and other female stereotypes. Men enjoy Casual Games as well but the numbers of women getting hooked is truly staggering.

Classic Games for womenMost of these online games are Flash and can be played in your web browser. They include a wide range of card games like Mahjongg, puzzle games, word games and hidden objects. The games themselves are not hard to learn but to really get good you will have to dedicate some serious time. Each level gets more challenging and the further you get, the more you will want to master the game.

Many times one question raised in mind that what makes these games for women so appealing to women is that they require a good deal of thought without stumping you. Sometimes the game action gets fast but this is no shoot-em-up or action packed sports romp. If you find a title you like it is easy to get started and once that happens you could be playing for hours. Like a good soap opera, Flash games never seem to end. What’s more, if you get bored, which is unlikely, you can always find a related game that puts a new twist on what you loved about the last one.

What attracts men is the same thing that attracts women to the Classic game space. The games themselves are fun, easy enough to learn and hard enough to keep things interesting. Most Flash games are available for free with a trial that you can play right in your web browser. Others offer a free download. What they all have in common is that the free game is only a limited version of the larger, for sale game. If you opt to purchase one of these games it comes as a download so you can play on your computer even if you do not have an internet connect, like on an airplane or at a café. The prices are very reasonable when you think about how many hours of entertainment you get out of a single game. We are talking about weeks or even months of diversion for about $20. That is about what you would pay to see a movie with popcorn and a drink. So women, just stay tuned with Classic Games.