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Monday, April 13, 2009

Attention all women

Think you know your guy inside out? It may be far from that. Read on to know about your man's best kept secrets till date.

I check out other women, but still love you...really!

Most women find it almost impossible to forgive their man if he is caught checking out another woman who happens to walk by. What follows is a spate of arguments and bombardment if she hotter than me?' kind of questions. But that doesn't mean he is not in love with you. Men are simply tuned to taking note of a woman's presence, keeping all fantasies aside, mind you. It definitely doesn't mean that they are planning to cheat on you or making any kind of comparisons. It is just a fleeting glance and nothing more than that. So, as difficult as it might sound, if your man just sticks to a fleeting glance, ignore it.

Commitment bothers us, even after being committed

First things first, your man does love you, or he would not have bothered to stick around at the first place. And here is the funny part, being committed to someone does no good in easing the commitment anxiety that men are born with. It takes some years (or even decades for some) to actually leave the commitment phobia behind. Most men could not help thinking about how many women they could have possibly dated in due course of time.

Earning money makes us feel important

Yes, women are at the forefront of every field. They are the super achievers and perhaps even better than men. But let us face it, we still try to hold on to our shallow ego. Women may be earning enough to suffice the entire household but that does not stop us from acting like the 'provider'. We may crib and complain about work and how difficult it is these days to earn that fat paycheck. But the truth being, we enjoy doing that. We like earning for our family and the woman we love. It makes us feel worthwhile and perhaps even boosts that false ego.

I like being pampered to death, occasionally

Boys will be boys. Heard that before, is it? And an important aspect of this truth being that men hardly ever get over the pampering they receive from their respective mothers. It is difficult for them to grow up. Men may act like the 'protectors' but they also love 'being protected', rather subtly. The occasional bout of pampering reminds men of being cared for and looked after.

I do not understand and what you are thinking about

A favourite pastime of women is to think of the deep and complex issues and ponder for long hours over unnecessary questions like 'Where is this relationship heading?' and 'Has the quality of our everyday conversations seen a downward spiral curve off late?'. The only concern here being, it is almost impossible for men to decode such high emotions. And that is one reason why we have no reply when women hurl the same questions towards us. Understanding C++ and Java is lot easier. We will stick to that.

Give me some space and you will have us forever

Just like women, men also appreciate being accepted as they are. If women allow them the weekly booze plan and understand their panic attacks if someone touches their car, they will happily stick around for the rest of their life.

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