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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Prom Dresses : The world of fashion

Friends, have you know the meaning of Prom? OK! No Problem. The British meaning of this word is "a classical music performance at which some of the audience stand". Actually, I am here to share some interesting and important information with you about the Prom Dresses. Yeah! If you come across the website named "PromDress.net", then I am sure that everyone of you loved at first sight. Yes! The reason behind is, this website brings up the fashion treasure trove for all you. If you look at following picture then you can realize that the range and variety of best prom dresses.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Eye Care : Exercise for your Eyes!

Eve's and also Adam's, if you have read Beauty Lies in the Eyes! the previous article then you must read the important and essential exercises for your eyes.

Eye exercises help in keeping the six eye muscles, which help the eyes to rotate, flexible and strong. If the muscles become stiff, it becomes painful to move the eyes and close the lid. Exercising also helps to relieve the pressure on the optic nerve that transmits information from the eye to the brain. Remember, if the optic nerve is damaged, it cannot be repaired.

Here are a few eye exercises that will help your eyes to relax. Most importantly, you can do them anywhere:

A. Eye Massage:

• Close your eyes tightly for 5-6 seconds and quickly open them. Repeat this for at least 7 or 8 times.

• Close your eyes and massage them with the tip of your third finger (ring finger) in circular movements.

• Close your eyes. Place three fingers of your hand on your upper eyelids, apply a little pressure and hold for 1-2 seconds, then release. Repeat at least 5 times.

B. Eye Movement:

This exercise is recommended to people who generally sit for long hours in front of the computer.

Sit and be relaxed. Now roll your eyes first in clockwise direction and then in anticlockwise direction. Once a circle of movement is completed blink your eyes to rest the eyes, Repeat this at least 5-6 times.

C. Clock Exercise:

Imagine yourself standing in front of really big clock. Now imaging looking at the middle of the clock. Slowly look at any hour mark and that too without turning your head. Then look back at the centre and look at another hour mark. Do this at least 10-12 times. This exercise is also beneficial if done with closed eyes.

D. Focus a Mark:

Sit near a window and keep a distance of about 50 cm from the window. Make a mark on the glass of the window with a small sticker or a felt pen at your eye level. Look or focus on something far away for 10-15 seconds through this mark and then return back to the focus.

E. Scribble On Wall:

Stand in front of a wall and pretend that you are writing with your eyes, without turning your head. This is a very good exercise, which might seem difficult in the beginning, but slowly you will enjoy it. Remember the bigger the letters, the better the effect.

F. Flow A Finger:

Bring your index finger in front of you at the level of your nose. Gradually move your finger away from the nose and till the arm’s length. Slowly move your finger back to your nose, all the while focusing on the tip of the finger. Repeat ten times.

G. Blink Exercise:

Blinking is not actually an exercise but it is very important. Starting at an object uninterrupted for a long time also causes strain and this should also causes strain and this should be also avoided. So make a rule to blink often.

Just take a look at this Eye Exercise. I think, it may help you a lot.

F. Good To Remember:

• Have a diet that is loaded with beta-carotene, a vitamin especially helpful in maintaining healthy eyes. Fruits and veggies like carrot are rich in beta carotene.

• Contact lenses should never be worn for more than 12 hours. Wearing contacts for long can not only cause extreme uneasiness, but also permanent sight damage.

• Place cold cucumber slices or tea bags soaked in cold water and press gently for 10 minutes before going to bed. This pacifies your eyes and also prevents puffiness.

• Always wear UV protective sunglasses while getting out in the sun.

If you do it, I am sure that definitely Beauty Lies in Your Eyes! So, go ahead!!!

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

How to do Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar)

Have you know, only 35 to 40% of your muscles are used in daily activities. Rest of the muscles remain inactive. Surya Namaskar is a physical exercise where almost 95% to 97% of your muscles are switched on to active mode. They remain active, hours ahead during the day, till you recharge them the next morning.

While playacting Surya Namaskar the breathing exercise (Pranayam) gives more oxygen to your lungs. The rhythm of breathing becomes heavy with vitality. Each breath becomes deep and clear. It carries more oxygen to the parts of your body.

The vital points (The Chakras) in the body get charged. The Surya-Tej in these Chakras gets enlightened with the thought and sight of the Sun God.

Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation is an ancient yogic practice, and it is the art of solar vitalization. The 12 postures of Surya Namaskar ensure a strong and supple body. It helps an individual to vitalize and unblock the whole system. It reduces fat from almost all parts of the body, as it stretches each and every muscle and tones it. In tune with the universal flow of divine energy, the well-coordinated movements increase mental concentration and invigorate the YOU. It includes asanas, pranayama, mantras and mudras.

The way to do it:

With your eyes closed, pray silently to the Sun god, Remember that you should inhale while bending backwards and exhale while bending forwards.

1. Stand straight and exhale completely.

2. Inhale, simultaneously, stretch the arms overhead. Hold the breath for about five seconds.

3. Bend forward as far as possible without straining yourself. And exhale (1st breath)

4. Move the right leg backward even as you inhale (2nd breath).

5. Now move the left leg backwards to the position of the right leg, and exhale.

6. Lie down on the floor. Inhale (3rd breath). Then exhale as you lower the body. Hold the breath while remaining in the position.

7. Head and trunk are to be raised on arms. Inhale (4th breath).

8. Take the inverted “V” position and exhale.

9. Bring forward the right foot and inhale. (5th breath).

10. Bring forward the left foot. Bend ahead as much as possible. Exhale.

11. Stretch the arms overhead while you inhale (6th breath).

12. Stand straight. Exhale.

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Friday, January 23, 2009

Beauty Lies in the Eyes!

Take care of your eyes to feast on the colors and sights of all things beautiful..!!!
Well, I am not going to show you dreams here. Introducing a different topic, eyes have always drawn writers, painters and singers, who have paid many an ode to eyes. It has always been a turn-on for men and women. How can one forget “ankoh hi ankho mein ishara ho gaya, dekh dekh jeene ka sahara ho gaya – the national anthem for love birds? God knows, how many young couples have crooned the Kishore Kumar song when two eyes met.
On a cloudy day I saw her, the dusky damsel with black doe eyes!”. Guys, have you ever seen the eyes of “Afghan Girl”? These eyes of Afghan Girl became famous for her unforgettable green eyes.

We all know the importance of eyes – an organ which we use most during our waking hours. Be it working on the computer, watching a movie, reading a book or documents, playing video games, looking at anything, or communicating silently – it is the poor eye we are using. But we rarely do anything to keep it in good health.

Rear View:

Eye is a very sensitive organ. Today, many of us spend long hours sitting in front of a PC or Laptop. Using these gadgets actually strains our eye muscles and causes dryness. Besides, pollution, diseases like diabetes, sinusitis and thyroid can also affect the eyesight.

If you are suffering from redness of the eye, continuous headaches, blurred vision, eye fatigue, the urge to keep your eyes closed, itching in the eyes, spots and strings floating in your field of vision, then you need to get your eyes checked immediately.

Here are some general eye related problems that need a doctor’s immediate attention:

1. Presbyopia, a difficulty in focusing on objects which are close to the eyes or a small print, is a very common disorder in elderly people.

2. Floaters are minute specks that float across our field of vision. We can generally see them floating in a well-lit room or outdoors on a bright day. These particles sometimes get attached to our retinal coat, which might cause a blurred vision.

3. Double Vision: Whenever we view an object from a near point, our eye muscles bring the eyes inward towards the nose and lock them. This convergence maintains an alignment of the image we look at. However, when we lose this ability to lock the eyes we will experience double version.

4. Dry Eyes: Our eyes are covered with a tissue that consists of a gland, which secretes tears. These tears cover the eye surface and help in maintaining moisture for normal eye function. The tears also help in maintaining a proper oxygen balance in the eyes and our blinking action cleans off and refreshes the normal tear layer. “When we gaze or state we do not blink, thus the tear layer does not get refreshed. And it results in dryness of the eyes. This dryness can cause problems like eye infection or block-age of the tear duct. You may also lose eye lashes.”

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ShopWiki - The Amazing Search Engine for Shoppers

ShopWiki.com, an opened online shopping hub, and today is one of the most degenerate shopping destinations for an all-inclusive set of products from thousands of trusted stores across the Web. It is what ShopWiki deserves. Followers, you know that ShopWiki.com is only website that has a singular focus on shopping. It brings up shoppers easy-to-use search engine (like Google - all you know the popularity of Google Search Engine) enlisting capacity and time saving direction, along with millions of indifferent product and merchant websites and reviews, all in one place.

It is the day I was surfing on ShopWiki for getting latest information about Playstation 3. Actually I was trying to search a specific product which includes all the specifications of CPU, GPU, Sound, Memory, System Bandwidth, Storage, Communication, Controller and AV Output. In short, I was looking for all-round product further to be gifted at my naughty brother's birthday. And here my search ends. I have order this product (model-Sony) and now waiting at its shipping. I know, one can says that what is the special in searching such product at ShopWiki? Yeah! All you are right! But the most amazing thing is I got all this information by just arriving at only one word 'Playstation 3'. I bet on this issue with all you that anyone can show me the same result in fraction of second on any search engine.

The reason to get any desired output on such search engines (especially when it relates to shopping) happens due to its crawling technology. It means one can gets any shopping and product information within a fraction of second and update him/herself with latest information. For example, just surf here for herbal health care product. All the products you can get with its price and availability at various stores. I have never seen ever before such type of well-informed shopping right to your hands.

From Laptops to latest LCD Versions and even smallest product to big one all are available here at your fingertips.

If you are searching for a Transcend Pen Drive, here you can get a comprehensive database of all the Transcend Pen Drive along with price ranges, end user's sharing about the product, etc. In short, the perfect and precise information related to the search term about any dam product you can get at ShopWiki.com.

Now I think there is nothing to say about ShopWiki because experience is the greatest trust. So, just surf at an amazing search engine especially made for shoppers, like you.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Aging Muscles : Changes In the Bone

Women with fibromyalgia (group of common rheumatoid disorders (not involving the joints) characterized by achy pain, tenderness, and stiffness of muscles) seem to have less physical strength and endurance than healthy women, so they might benefit from an appropriate training programme, suggests a new study by Finnish researchers. Fibromyalgia, which is characterized by pain, fatigue and difficulty in sleeping, is most common to women after menopause.

Some research in pre-menopausal women has found lower-than-normal muscle strength and aerobic capacity, the researchers add, but fitness has not been investigated in postmenopausal women with fibromyalgia.

The study found that there was no difference between fibromyalgia patients and healthy women in upper body strength, but the women with fibromyalgia did have less muscle strength in their legs.

Upon exercise testing, the women in the fibromyalgia group reached exhaustion at a lower maximal heart rate, but oxygen uptake was the same in both groups. This suggests that the fibromyalgia patients were less able to stand physical loading and resist overall fatigue.

The results suggest that more attention should be paid to train muscle performance, together with overall training of physical fitness, when developing rehabilitation programmes for postmenopausal women with fibromyalgia.

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Friday, January 16, 2009

Eye Care : Get beautiful and attractive eyes

Eyes are organs that discover light, and send signals along the optic nerve to the visual and other areas of the brain. I think all you know the importance of such significant organ. Naturally, we must take care of it. But many times we are unable to know what exactly one can do for eyes. According to the friend circle and faulty advertisements one can have loose his/her concentration and trapped in the net of fraud advertisement resulting eye damages. To avoid such things I think following article will help you out one awkward question that how to take care of eyes?

It is the next vital part of the daily regime is proper care and protection of the eyes. Eyes are one of the most vital organs. Everyone wishes for beautiful shining, attractive eyes. The brain carries out a very complicated and intricate function in controlling the eyes. Naturally, the brain is continuously receiving and sending signals of various objects seen and this becomes a constant stress on the brain.

One of the most important and age old tradition of eye care is applying kajal (Do not think about Kajol Devgan). In today’s day and age application of Kajal is a must for optimal eye health. However, most of the kajal available in the market is only of cosmetic value used largely as a fashion or as make-up to make the eyes more attractive. Prolonged use of such kajal with synthetic and chemical additions may lead to burning or itching eyes. It is therefore not a surprise that many eye doctors are against the use of kajal for the delicate eyes of children.

The pure traditional Ayurvedic kajal is almost extinct. Applying kajal for maintaining the health of the eyes, which is at high risk with the increasing use of computers, video games, TV, is essential. The eyes being related to the fire element have the possibility of getting affected by an imbalance in the Cough or Acidity aspects.

If the cough aspect increases in the eyes due to any reason, it increases the possibilities of many eye disorders. Kajal prevents the accumulation of cough aspect in the eyes and keeping the eyes clean. It also helps to keep the eyes bright, pleasant and beautiful with optimum vision. Hence, the Ayurvedic texts emphasize the daily use of kajal.

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PayingPost : The way of success!

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