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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

How to take care of Dimonds and Semi Precious Jewellery

Some tips of taking care of Dimond's and Stone Jewellery:

1. Avoid wearing them while playing cooking or doing some work.

2. Dimond jewelery contact with chlorine bleach. dis colour your dimond jewelery.

3. Keep from dust moisture, persspirationand make-up. After makeup, clean hands before putting on jewelery.

4. Don't forget to take your dimonds to your jewellrs for an annual check-up.

5. A simple way to clean them at home is to soak your jewellery in solution of warm water and some non-detergentmild soap. After which all you need to do is brush to clean it gently to get rid of. Then dry it with a lint free cloth which will not scratch the jewellery.

These regular cleaning techniques will keep your dimond jewellary gleaming forever.

If these precious stones need to be stored away, it should be protected well in a fabricated feltor cushioned pouches.If you prefer to use an ordinary box remember to wrap each piece individually in a soft paper to avoid scratches.