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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Shenaz Treasuryvala - An Impuslive Shopper

Shenaz Treasuryvalal is a self-confessed rasta shopper. An actress and former VJ says, "I do not believe in spending on overpriced designer stuff, I would rather spend the same amount to travel to an exotic place". Her work, a passion for travelling and photography takes her far and wide. She is a lover of feminine dresses. She has a huge collection which are mostly impulse buys. Just take a look on her thoughts on her wearings accessories.

01. Jeans : This is one of her oldest pairs. She went to a rat temple in Deshnok, Rajasthan where rats nibbled at her jeans (that is why the holes), one of them even pre-ed on her. In-spite of that she went to the hotel, washed them and wore them the next day.

02. Big Silver Heels : She call these her 'shiny party disco shoes'. When she wear them, she feel like dancing away. They are from Miss Sixty in Los Angeles. She is not a shoe person at all, nor do she have an elaborate collection. But this pair is her favorite one.

03. White Necklace : Her closest friend Jugnoo gave her this 'thank you' gift for always being there for her. They are old mates from college. You can wear it formally or casually and it will jazz up any outfit.

04. Italian Dresses : She is a fan of Roberto Cav Alli but his clothes are obscenely expensive. Recently, she was walking down the street in Portofino, Italy and happened to see his dresses in a van! She hopped on to try them on and the van started moving. She thought that she was kidnapped. After half an hour of panic, the doors swung open and she realized that the cops were chasing them for illegal sale of clothes. She still thought all of them!

05. Scarf Dress : This dress is from a flea market in Los Angeles, and surprisingly, it was made in India! It is simply two scarves joined together, but looks extremely trendy with its asymmetrical lines.

06. Recycled Dress : With global warming being the talking point, she think re-cycling is the way to go. This dress is stitched by combining designer in San Francisco. One must be innovative and re-use waste to make the most out of available resources.

07. Earrings : She do not ever buy jewellery for herself, but her mother loves jewels. She gifted these to her on her birthday. In fact, she get a new piece of jewellery every birthday. These earrings are ornate but really stylish.

08. Bag : She hate carrying bags, especially the Paris Hilton-type small-bag-on-the-shoulder makes her cringe; She stuff her phone and money in her pocket instead. They say when a woman carries nothing, she is independent. This one is of the streets in Patpong, Bangkok. She was shopping with a friend, Rina, and she really liked this bag, she gifted it to her. Whenever she carry it, she think of her and their crazy shopping spree.

09. Tie : She simply love wearing men's ties - they make her feel immensely sexy. She flick them from her dad's closet and he is always wondering why his ties are disappearing. He has no clue that his dear daughter is using them as a fashion accessory. She have many of them, but she especially like this one because of the black and white combination; you can wear it with whatever you want.