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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Your Happy Feet : Aspect to get relaxed

My feet, they haul me round the house/ They hoist me up the stairs/ I only have to steer them/ and they ride me everywhere. The poem by Frank Burgess aptly describes how the poor feet are overworked. Reflexology not just soothes the feet, but is a good alternative treatment.

What is the science behind foot reflexology?

The basic science behind foot reflexology is the principle that there are reflex areas in the feet that correspond to all of the organs and believe that diseases related to different organs of the body can he healed by putting pressure on certain pressure areas in your feet. These areas are worked on in specific manipulations, which is a pleasant experience and you feel relaxed. Doing reflexology means more than working on your feet.

It is actually working with the person, attempting to mobilize inner energies (physical and mental in conflation) in order to 'tom-fight any imbalance in the system.

We systematically approach with much empathy that neglected area between body aid soul where modern medical practice normally stops short. Medical expert often say that recovery depends on the determination, trust and optimism of the patient. Unfortunately, medicine has little to say about the means of cultivating such an attitude, and here is where advanced foot reflexology performs so well.

Is it just a foot massage?

It is a myth. Foot massage is not same foot reflexology. When you have a foot message, the practitioner uses scented or medicated oil so that fingers can glide over the skin. But we never use oil or lotion for foot reflexology because what you need is a bit of friction in order to get under the skin to affect the reflex in the foot. Secondly, a foot massage can help you relax and feel better, but it cannot affect the body in quite the same way as foot reflexology. Foot reflexology, an ancient healing practice that originated in China, can help balance the body and reduce pain and tension with amazing results. It is a very specific technique that does not include rubbing the skin, but rather walking the thumb and fingers with pressure and holding techniques to affect the reflex in the foot. Only a trained and certified reflexologist can give you an accurate treatment.

Is it dangerous?

I have never heard of any case where foot reflexology has affected adversely. We practice according to the norms and conditions of foot reflexology. Though it is considered not a good idea for people with pacemakers, with gout, pregnant women and who have very bad circulation in the feet. It is theoretically possible that the manipulation of the lower leg might release a blood clot, but realistically, this could happen when walking or generally moving. However, it is dangerous for people to rely only on reflexology as a form of medicine, instead of conventional scientific medicine. It is not a idea to ask a reflexologist to diagnose an illness by looking at the state of your feet. An established and accredited reflexology therapist would not recommend this an option. The diagnosis can be wrong and delaying conventional treatment can have serious impact. Further, it is dangerous to rely only on reflexology to treat serious illnesses like cancer or heart disease.

What are its benefits?

My patients often inquire whether force reflexology can be of any help. I just to say them "Yes!" Many of our health problems are linked to stress. Reflexology can negative the effects of stress. Often everything on the surface looks fine, yet the person lack of a sense of well being.

We find that such people are alienated from certain aspects of themselves, which inevitably causes suffering and pain. Pain and sufferings need to be removed for the sake of one's "wholeness". We will not solve people's problems for them; that they should do for themselves. But we can give them break a cycle where they would free to make choices. Yes, that too amazingly through the feet.

Some of the frequently reported benefits of reflexology are reduction and elimination of neck pain, headaches, shoulder lower back and sciatica. It also helps to reduce acidity, indigestion, colon problems and respiratory problems.

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